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The New Girl


Did I ever mention that I changed school quiet recently?... Well actually not that recent, its been two months.  In April being the new awkward yet trying to be a chirpy friendly sorts of girl at school and in May just being absolutely bored during summer holidays sorts of girl. It's June now and in about 3 weeks we are expected to come back to school and do our stuff (sounds a bit funny that way). 

I have changed school numerous times usually because I have changed my address numerous times. And every time I changed my school I have always felt shy, uncomfortable and felt like what-the-hell-am-I-doing-here. The most awkward part is when people they just stare at you and make you feel as if you are being judged (which you are being...) and make you super conscious of your appearance, body language and how you communicate and sometimes just to be accepted in your own surroundings you tend to lose or hide your identity. But how to avoid that? The answer is simple :-
~Its not about finding yourself but creating yourself~

I know, I know that it is easy to say something rather than actually doing something but the quote here is actually true, this time when I changed my school I promised myself one thing that I would not let anyone make me feel inferior to them in any way. We all must remember one fact that nobody has the capability to make us feel worthless or inferior than we ourselves. 
Now here are some things that I do to be that Sensationally New Girl :-

* Firstly since you have started a new school and everyone is new around you which means nobody knows so you can be whoever you want to be. If you were the shy and quiet girl/boy at your previous school you have a new chance to start fresh and be the not so shy and not so quiet girl/boy. 
*Pass on a smile when someone stares at you they tend to automatically smile back.
*Taking initiative to talk to people around. Everyone likes a friendly girl/boy even if they don't admit it.
*Taking pride in the way you dress up cause If you don't like what you wear how can you expect anyone else to? ;)
* Don't feel shy to clear your doubts cause maybe just maybe you helped another person around you.
* Being aware what happens around you and the rest of the world through newspapers, magazines, news channels as it makes you look smart and everyone loves a knowledgeable person. Proof to that is that people will approach you for help.
* No company is better than bad company. Its okay to sometimes to be alone rather than being with people who you cannot be yourself with. Yes I know this one is really difficult but being alone sometimes brought the best out of me as I indulged in some good music at that time, read books and felt what the protagonist felt, painted something and was like hm.. not bad, I didn't know I could do that. 
* Try to get to know your seniors and juniors at school they prove to be extremely helpful at most times.
*Last but not the least always be yourself but also surprise everyone every now and then and not let anyone categorize you or label you as just this one thing.
Be Subtle Be Sensational


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