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Overcoming the Fear

Model United Nations  (MUN)

We all must have heard of MUN and some of us must have been part of it too. For some of us, it must have been a scary experience at first but exciting later on (like for me) or some of us must have been clueless of what is going on and got bored cause of that. 

 My school had the 2 day session of MUN on 1st and 2nd August 2015; this was actually my 3rd MUN but frankly speaking, this was the first MUN where I actually spoke without hesitation and fear. My fear being that I might say something stupid and everybody would laugh or crack jokes at me or had the fear that another delegate might put an allegation on the country I represent and I would not be able to defend it, hence resulting in more embarassment. I have always been the sort of person who would do anything to not be the butt of the joke; following the method of staying mum during the whole session & not raising my country's placard even though I felt that something incorrect was being said in the committee. I was scared, had fear and was always in the state of hesitation to raise my placard to say a valid point from my hard worked research.

But not this time! After staying quiet in my previous MUNs, I had finally decided that this MUN, I would not stay quiet in the committee and feel dumb instead would speak everything that I had researched upon and the result of that is appreciation; so from that day forth I started expressing myself more and found out that it is okay too tell the world about your thoughts, feelings, opinions, suggestions ( if they ask for it ). Of course there would be people who disagree with you but there would be a lot of people who agree with you, appreciate you and understand you. You cannot make everybody happy but you can make somebody happy. So go ahead and say what you want to say ( p.s just don't be rude in expressing)

Be Subtle Be Sensational


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Be Subtle Be Sensational xoxo

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